October Tour in Kagoshima

It’s been a while, since I updated the blog. I was doing good, on tours to Kumamoto, Aso, Amakusa, Gokanosho and so on. Just didn’t have a spare time for updating.
Kagoshima is awesome as usual, Sakura-jima volcano has been erupting constantly but the citizens in Kagoshima don’t seem to be bothered by the ashes from the crater, and get along with them as always. It was a round trip starting from “Gajo-en”, a beautiful accommodation known as one of the most “want-to-stay-someday” accommodations in Japan, offers Japanese traditional folk houses as the guestrooms in Kirishima city. We rode a car ferry to cross the sea to Sakura-jima active volcano to see the closer view, then headed for Chiran district to visit Samurai houses and “Tokko peace museum”. You can learn why those Kamikaze pilots devoted themselves to destroy US battle ships in order to defend their homeland, in this museum. Rest in peace.

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