Present Situation & Tour Photos, 18 Mar 2020

Present stituation

Given this situation due to the COVID-19, schools, universities and colleges are closed and big events are requested to refrain from holding by Prime Minister Abe. And we have lost most of foreign tourists who visit other countries.

However, I still had some foreign tourists who wanted to join my tours and I successfully ran all those tours and they enjoyed it.

Here in Japan, we have relatively fewer infected and dead compared to many other countries, thanks to their hard work who work at medical centres and our efforts of keeping hands clean with soap and alcohol and wearing a mask when go out. Actually, I haven’t got infected though I have had the chances to go visit touristic places.

We have alcohol bottles set at many entrances of restaurants / convenience stores / department stores / any public buildings for hand washing. I would like to tell you that this is considered to be the way we Japanese have practiced to keep ourselves clean and healthy. And I believe this is the best way to protect yourself and people around you. Follow us.

Let me show you how I enjoyed running tours in February and March despite this situation, as follows.

Tour Photos

Above are a DJ group “VIZE” from Germany. Check them out on Spotify!



August – September Digest


Mt Aso & Takachiho


Kumamoto & Gokanosho

Mt Aso

Takachiho & Mt Aso

Takachiho & Mt Aso

Around Aso


Gokanosho, Yatsushiro & Kumamoto

Kumamoto & Gokanosho

Kumamoto & Gokanosho

Yatsushiro & Gokanosho

Takachiho & Mt Aso



Ninja, you might know they existed back in history of Japan.Yes, they are gone after “Meiji restoration” happened in the late 19th century, along with the end of Samurai’s era. But their techniques have been passed on by the descendants to Ninja and even Ninja lovers up until today! Here at Hinokuniya (火之国屋), a friend of mine runs a very unique and interesting business, “Ninja Activity”, instructiong a variety of Ninja techniques such as “Fire power”, “Shuriken (Ninja star) throwing”, “Blowgun” and so on which are modified to be safer version to ensure your safety. I am also one of the instructors here. Click on the link and see what the Hinokuniya Ninja Activity is like.