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Floods in south of Kumamoto

We sustained severe damages from floods that washed away local people’s lives, caused by torrential rains which we couldn’t have even expected or forecast until its very last minute and unfortunately it happened in the midnight suddenly around 4 am on the 4th July morning. I didn’t expect this, either did most of other people living in south of Kumamoto.

The central areas of Hitoyoshi were sunk under water (up to 8 – 9 meters high) and the villages along Kumagawa river (or “Kuma river“, blue line on the following map between Hitoyoshi and Yatsushiro) were washed away. We have lost 60 people , and 3 people still missing.

See these pictures below, everything was ruined there. Kumagawa river (Kuma river) is our mother river who usually gives us blessings such as beautiful scenery, fishing, rafting, sightseeing and so on. But she gave us a tremendous disaster this time. This is nature, which we can’t refuse, no matter how we try to.

Here is a post about this disaster below.

Your warm helping hands would be much appreciated. Should you find a donation site, we hope your warm helping hands to those who are suffered from this disaster.

Hitoyoshi Ryokan, one of the most beautiful traditional Japanese inns in Hitoyoshi, has started the following crowdfunding campaign to raise funds in order to rebuild their accommodation, business and lives. Your warm helping hands would be much appreciated.

PS. We are all safe here in Gokanosho, so far.

COVID-19 Situation in Kumamoto & Message to you all

We have had around 500 people confirmed positive for COVID-19 out of 1.76 million inhabitants of Kumamoto Pref.

Restaurants, shops, stores and markets are fully open and people are working as normal back in their workplaces here in Kumamoto as well as all the other Prefectures of Japan, thanks to our custom which is to keep ourselves clean by frequently washing hands, gargling, having a bath nearly every evening, wearing a mask and avoiding to gather in crowds. So, please follow us to keep yourselves and people around you safe.

I’ve been safe and healthy. And I’ve been doing some mountain work and road work in Gokanosho to feed my family. I will make efforts to continue being a professional tour guide and am hoping you will visit Japan when this is all over!

Check out my BLOG if you would like to see if I am alive.

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Hi, my name is HASHIZAKI Schingo (橋崎 晋吾), just call me Schingo, my given name.
I am a National licensed English speaking tour guide living in a mountainous place “Gokanosho” which is a collection of 5 sparsely populated villages. I’ve been working as a professional tour guide for over 8 years in all the prefectures of Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Oita, Kagoshima, Saga, Nagasaki and Fukuoka on Kyushu island. To become a National licensed English speaking tour guide, I passed all of the 4-subject (English / Japan’s Geography / Japan’s History / Common knowledge [Politics / Economics / Industries / Culture]) examination which is held only once a year.

I have lived in Kumamoto Prefecture for over 40 years in total since I was born. The more I learn about Kumamoto, the more I get to love Kumamoto. We are very proud that Kumamoto gives us Japan’s beautiful aspects such as mountains with full of trees, clean rivers, various agricultural products, historical sites, traditional events, tasty local foods, the way of living which have been imparted from generation to generation, and so on.  Should you visit Kumamoto and its surroundings, and would like to have some really good experiences of Japan, just ask me before you go any further. I’d be pleased to give you some suitable advice on what you need and tour arrangement.

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My tour-guiding service includes

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Me and my family

Cheers, Rock and Roll.

Primary school entrance ceremony held on 9th April 2020.

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