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Hi, my name is HASHIZAKI Schingo (橋崎 晋吾). Just call me Schingo. I am a freelance English speaking tour guide, born and grew up in Kumamoto.

Please see below to learn about me. Then check out my tours shown as avobe in the MENU banner.
If you like my proposals, feel free to contact me at:

WhatsApp: +81 90 1976 1812
LINE ID: schingo.h / 09019761812

Upcoming Tours

If you are searching for an existing tour, please go to UPCOMING TOUR page below

or click the banner on the right side (PC) or bottom (Smart phone / Tablet type media) of this page where you can find tours that are already booked by someone but still some more slots are available. This is a great opportunity for you to join the tour for a cheaper price. Check them out!

My tour-guiding service includes

– Make up your customized tours
– Show you around the areas / spots / facilities  with background explanations
– Learning Japan’s culture / custom / economics / history and more
Transport service in the guide’s 8-seater mini van that accommodates up to 7 people unless you have big luggage
Group photos shared on Google Drive (available even without a Google account)

>>> You can get group photos as below, have a look! <<<

Payment methods

CASH on the spot by the end of tour
PayPal in advance

*To pay by PayPal by clicking the following banner
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Gallery from my tours

My Guidable Areas

– Kumamoto Pref.
(Gokanosho / Kumamoto city / Mt Aso / Yatsushiro / Arao / Hitoyoshi, etc)
– Miyazaki Pref.
(Takachiho / Starting from Hososhima port)
– Fukuoka Pref.
(Fukuoka city / Dazaifu)
– Kagoshima Pref.
(Kagoshima city / Mt Sakurajima / Chiran / Mt Kaimon / Nagasaki-bana)
– Nagasaki Pref.
(Nagasaki city / Hasami)
– Oita Pref.
(Kuju / Beppu / Yufuin / Kunisaki peninsula)
– Saga Pref.
(Arita / Imari / Karatsu)

Me and my family

I’ve married for 10 years and have a 9-year-old son.

With my family at primary school’s entrance ceremony, 9th April 2020.

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