Hi, my name is HASHIZAKI Schingo, just call me Schingo.
I am a National licensed English speaking tour guide living in a mountainous place “Gokanosho” which is a collection of 5 small villages. I’ve been working as a professional tour guide for over 6 years on Kyushu island particularly in Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Fukuoka prefectures. To be a National licensed English speaking tour guide, I passed all of the 4-subject (English / Japan’s Geography / Japan’s History / Common Sense [Politics / Economics / Industries / Culture]) examination which is held only once every year.

National Certificate
National Certificate

I have lived in Kumamoto Prefecture for over 37 years in total since I was born. The more I learn about Kumamoto, the more I get to love Kumamoto. We are very proud that Kumamoto gives us Japan’s beautiful aspects such as mountains with full of trees, clean rivers, various agricultural products, historical sites, traditional events, tasty local food, the ways of living which have been imparted from generation to generation, and so on.  Should you visit Kumamoto and would like to have some really good experiences of Japan, just ask me before you go any further. I’m pleased to give you some advice on what you need and tour arrangement.

My tour guiding service includes

– Make up your customized tours
– Show you around the areas / spots / facilities  with background explanations
– Learning Japan’s culture / custom / economics / history and more
Transport service with an 8-seater mini van
_accommodates up to 7 people unless big luggage
Group photos (taken with my single-lens reflex camera) shared on your
Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive / Facebook

>>> You can get group photos as below, take a look! <<<

Gallery from my tours

My Guidable Areas

– Kumamoto Pref.
(Gokanosho / Kumamoto city / Aso area / Yatsushiro / Hitoyoshi)
– Miyazaki Pref.
– Fukuoka Pref.
(Hakata / Dazaifu)
– Kagoshima Pref.
(Kagoshima city / Sakurajima volcano / Chiran / Kaimon-dake / Nagasaki-bana)
– Oita Pref.
(Kuju / Beppu)

Me and my family

Cheers, Rock and Roll.

L to R Our son Bon, me and my wife Shiori

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