Recent work

Hope you all are safe and healthy.

Due to the situation we all have, I have lost all the tours which I was supposed to run during this spring. But I got to do something to feed my family. So I decided to do some mountain work.

The following photos are some of what I have been doing recently .

And when all this is over, I am looking forward to having you here in Japan and would be pleased to take you on a guided tour. So check out my updates to be posted here!

Stay safe. Make sure to wash your hands if you have to go out. And try to wear a mask if available.

Takachiho Grand Super Cart

Now, Takachiho Super Cart has been changed its name to “Takachiho Grand Super Cart” with the new train cars of which capacity was raised up to 30 persons. We enjoyed the gorgeous landscape on the iron bridge built at the height of 105 meters above the river. Just watch the footage below on this page, and check out the timetable and fare. This is operated everyday but Thursdays.
[wpvideo jkCpruLh]

1. 9:20
2. 10:00
3. 10:40
4. 11:20
5. 12:40
6. 13:20
7. 14:00
8. 14:40
9. 15:20

Over 16 yo – 1,300 yen
6 – 15 yo – 800 yen
Under 5 yo – 400 yen

They do NOT accept reservations.



Ninja, you might know they existed back in history of Japan.Yes, they are gone after “Meiji restoration” happened in the late 19th century, along with the end of Samurai’s era. But their techniques have been passed on by the descendants to Ninja and even Ninja lovers up until today! Here at Hinokuniya (火之国屋), a friend of mine runs a very unique and interesting business, “Ninja Activity”, instructiong a variety of Ninja techniques such as “Fire power”, “Shuriken (Ninja star) throwing”, “Blowgun” and so on which are modified to be safer version to ensure your safety. I am also one of the instructors here. Click on the link and see what the Hinokuniya Ninja Activity is like.