Lately, I have been working in a mountain of Gokanosho as a forestry worker with Mr Ogata, a.k.a. “Lord Ogata”, who is also an innkeeper of Sakura-so and whose ancestors had been the rulers of one of the villages of Gokanosho. I was lucky to find a job easily thanks to him. He has been running his own forestry business for many years along with his accommodation Sakura-so and needed help to finish his forestry work as soon as possible and I happened to be there.

We have been working on mowing the grass on the steep hills of a mountain, where its elevation is around 1,400 meters high above the sea level.

Mountain peaks of Gokanosho
Momigi, one of the villages of Gokanosho
Me, just finished working


Recent work 3

Now I am a construction worker!

I worked for a neibourhood construction company last week. The president of the company suggested me to work at a construction site for until they finish building a safe passage before they start their roadwork.

We finished this work on Friday 15 and the construction is expected to be restarted 2- 3 months later after the telegraph pole above the safety passage in the above picture is relocated. So I might not be possibly coming back to this site again.

What am I going to do next? I’m excited!