ONE PIECE Statues tour


Our proud Japanese Anime, ONE PIECE!
This is a full day tour to visit all the statues of Straw Hat Pirates that are situated across the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, or any of them that you would like to visit, and also to purchase their miniature figurines (as pictures shown below) for commemorating not only your visit to each statue, but also the place where Mr Oda, the Mangaka (= Manga artist or cartoonist) of One Piece was born.
All these statues were built thanks to using part of Mr Oda’s kind donation (1 billion JPY! ≒ 6.2 million USD) that he made for those who sustained enormous damages from a series of strong earthquakes that had hit Kumamoto throughout the year of 2016.

The above miniature figurines are available only at each statue at 2,200 JPY, but will be available nationwide after 22 July 2024. And the new version of One Piece miniature figurines below will be available at 2,640 JPY for 9 of them but at 3,850 JPY for Luffy in addition to the existing ones.

Besides, it includes a bit of sightseeing to the magnificent volcano Mt. Aso, a symbol of Kumamoto that gives us the nickname “Land of fire”.

Miniature Figurines’ Availablility

If you would really like to purchase ALL the One Piece figurines, you should avoid Mondays when Robin / Sanji / Chopper / Brook figurines are not available and Thursdays when Brook figurine is not available.

Standard Itinerary

Tue & Wed

  • 07:45 Pick up at your hotel
  • 08:45 Roronoa Zoro
  • 09:45 Nico Robin
  • 10:20 Usopp
  • 11:00 Mt Aso
  • 12:30 Franky
  • 13:00 Quick lunch

  • 14:40 Nami
  • 13:00 Sanji
  • 13:50 Chopper
  • 15:15 Luffy
  • 16:00 Brook
  • 17:00 Jinbe
  • 18:00 Drop off at JR Uto station

Collecting Cards

Each of these cards is available for free of charge only at each spot where the figurine is available. Let’s get them all!!


Basic charge 42,000 JPY + (6,000 * number of people) + 10% Consumption tax

Example: 59,400 JPY for 2 people

Click/Tap the following image to see the itinerary and pricing.