Volcanic Alert Level Reduced at Mt Aso

Japan has reduced the 5-scale Volcanic Alert Level from 2 down to 1 which is the lowest, following the constant monitoring and surveys done after its last biggest eruption occurred in Aug 2014.

Hopefully, we will be able to go up to view the beautiful crater at Naka-dake, one of the five peaks that comprises Mt Aso, soon after everything is clear. According to the report, the road, cable car and evacuation shelters have been badly damaged and should take a while to restore everything as what they used to be.

Volcanic alert level

Earthquake is over now?

– Three major quakes rocked Kumamoto in 7,000 years –

According to this article, it seems Kumamoto will be safe again soon, at least for the next 120 years or so. This is only about the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture. But actually in the south, we still have some after shocks repeatedly, twice a week or so. Though they are no longer that strong, only level 2 – 3 quakes out of 7 of the Japanese earthquake intensity scale.

Regarding the intensity scale of earthquakes, refer to the following link.