Takachiho & Aso

Takachiho & Aso tour offers a half of Takachiho and a half of Aso in a day. Takachiho in the morning and Aso in the afternoon when the weather is fine. Below is the set itinerary but of course you can customise the tour with your favourite spots as you like.


Kunimi ga Oka observatory

Takachiho Gorge

Mt Aso south lookout


You have the following lunch options on this tour. Nagashi Soumen at Takachiho Gorge, Beef Bowl or Japanese BBQ with local beef of Mt Aso, in Aso.

Nagashi Soumen (流しそうめん)

= Cold wheat noodles thrown through

Akaushi don

= Beef bowl (rice bowl topped with sliced Aso’s local beef)

Takamori Dengaku no Sato (高森田楽の里)

Mt Aso’s Crater 

*Viewing zone of Mt Aso’s crater has been open since 9 Nov 2022. But please note that this is an active voclano, that depends on its activity and weather to go up to see.



Itinerary & Price


Pickup at HOTEL / JR Station in Kumamoto city
Travel to Takachiho (2hr ride)
Kunimi ga Oka -Short hike & View
Takachiho Gorge – Short hike & Rowboat (option)
Lunch time
Travel to Aso (40 min ride)
Mt Aso south observatory
Mt Aso’s crater (depends on weather and volcanic activity)
Drop-off at Higo Ozu station

↑ Click the spots to see images


Basic Charge: 34,000 yen (shared among the number of participants)
Guide Fee       :   6,000 yen per adult
4 yo – 15 yo : 50% off
under 4 yo   : free of charge

1,000 yen DISCOUNT pp if the group(s) gets more than 3 participants
Capacity: 7 participants (in my mini van unless you have large luggage)

renting a 9-passenger van  : plus 25,000 yen per day
renting a 13-passenger van : plus 28,000 yen per day

Aso Tour Includes:

Tour Customisation / Transport / Photographs