Happy New Year!

Hope you had happy, healthy and safe new year days.

I had very peaceful new year days (from year end) with my family. And before I start the new year period, I had a chance to work as a tour guide for an Australian family who have lived in Japan. We visited Takachiho Gorge and Mt Aso.

I’ve been prepared to do my work as a tour guide and hoping to receive enquiries from you at anytime! However, I might not be available from early Feb to mid March. So, if you are interested in doing guided tours with me, shoot me an email first.

Hope everything will get back to what it used to be before the pandemic, as soon as possible.

June Digest

Japan has entered a rainy season. Downpour is causing floods in many places of western Japan. Please check out the weather forecast in your area and if it’s bad, just stay inside or go to a nearby safe shelter. However, it is expected that the rainy season is going to be over next week in Kyushu. Stay focused on the weather forecast.





Takachiho &  Aso

Trek at Mt Aso (Kishima dake)

Aso & Kuju tour


Beppu &  Aso



Aso & Kuju


Hitoyoshi & Yatsushiro

Kimono wearing and matcha at Tateyama green tea shop.
Refer to the following to learn more.

Hitoyoshi -Unique Tradition-

Fukuoka & Yamaguchi (Akiyoshidai)



This is a special feature for cruise tourists who call at Yatsushiro port.

Takachiho &  Aso