Autumn Trek to Kuniumi-dake

Went off to a trek to the highest mountain of Gokanosho, Kunimi-dake (1,739m) on 15th Oct. Leaves hasn’t changed the colour yet perhaps because of the heat of summer. Seems we will have a late Autumn this year.

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  1. Mr Schingo, Please let me know more about the Ogata family coming to Gokanosho on the 27th. Mrs. Ogata at Sakura-sou said they were going to stay at her B&B guest house. I was wondering if they are from California. And wether we know them. Please let me know their names. We really enjoyed our visit with Mrs Ogata at Sakura-sou, and learned a lot about our family history. Thank you your time. Sincerely, Joyce Yamaguchi

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