Tour in Kagoshima

Kagoshima is located in the southernmost on Kyushu island,


known for a birth place of “Mr Saigo”, the leader of “The Last Samurai” rebellion, active volcano “Sakura-jima” erupting constantly near the city of Kagoshima, “Kuro Buta” black pork eaten as Shabu-Shabu etc., “Tori-sashi” sashimi (raw meat) of chicken and so on. This time I visited “Mt Kaimon (開聞岳)” located in the very southernmost edge of Kyushu island, “JR Nishi-Oyama station”, the southernmost train station of JR (=Japan Railway company), green tea plantation in Chiran district and “Chiran Tokko (Kamikaze) peace museum with guests.

It was a long ride starting from Kagoshima city 9:00 and came back around 18:00. Check out the photos as below!

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