It’s been a while since I posted a journal on my blog here. I’ve been doing well as always! How have you been?

Just to let everyone know that I’ve been vaccinated since mid September. That means, I am ready to do my job as a tour guide! In Japan, we have much fewer people who tested for COVID-19 than that we had before August this year.

Up until now, more than 70% of us Japanese have been vaccinated and people are now free to go out for shopping, gathering, sightseeing and so on as long as they are careful not to get infected to the virus. We are trying to get back to the normal life that we used to do before the pandemic, though we have to put a mask on and keep our hands clean and get vaccinated.

Now is the time for you to enjoy sightseeing before we have another restriction such as “State of emergency”. So, should you are looking for a reliable tour guide, please feel free to contact me via email / WhatsApp / LINE

WhatsApp: +81 90 1976 1812
LINE: Hashizaki Schingo / 090 1976 1812