Rainy days go on…

We have a rainy season usually from June to July here in Kyushu. It can last for 1 month – 1.5 months depending on the year’s meteorological conditions, which we can never know.

We had comparatively longer rainy season but with less amount of rain this year, which started in the middle of May and ended in the middle of July. Yes, it went on for 2 months this time round.

But actually it turned out the rainy season hasn’t finished yet. We are having very unusual rainy days in the middle of August, which have brought floods and landslides in many villages/towns/cities across Japan. I am deeply saddened to hear the losses of the people who died in these disasters caused by this unusual rains. We need to be prepared anytime.

My family and my neighbours are all safe here in Gokanosho. Though some of the roads are blocked due to landslides, we can even go out for shopping to the nearest town Hitoyoshi and Yatsushiro, which takes us 1 hour to get by car.  Unfortunately, the the only road directly leads us to Kumamoto has been blocked due to a landslide or something.

Anyway, I am safe here and have been surviving  somehow. Makes sure to call/email me if you are planning on a trip to Japan in the future. Until then, stay safe and healthy!