Talking a bit of Japan’s politics

August is about to be over. It was really hot and less rainy, unlike this July when we had a lot more rains than usual years. Everything is worse this year, I believe this year 2020 is the worst for my 44-year-life.  We have had COVID, business depression (to come), natural disasters and so on…

The only one good thing happened recently for me was that we couldn’t host the Olympic games in Tokyo this year. You might say “What are you talking about? You should be happy if you have it for your business!” Yes, that’s true, but our government used to aim to have 40 million foreign tourists visit Japan in 2020 and Tokyo Olympics 2020 was supposed to be a trigger to it. My point is that 40 million would be obviously too much for our country, to begin with. Our government focused only on the number of tourists, not the profit from them and quality of businesses. We had around 30 million foreign tourists in 2019, which was considered successful for the government and a few business people. But some of us know many of those who were making quite a lot of money here in Japan were Chinese business people who don’t follow our law or pay taxes to our government. And unfortunately Japan didn’t face this problem but faced people like us and control our small businesses strictly. I’d say this is corruption of power in the government, by those who stay under the umbrella of PM Abe. PM Abe had a real strong leadership with clear and understandable policies, but they all ended up being abused by his FRIENDS. Now he is going to resign soon for his chronic disease, Ulcerative Colitis, that once forced him to resign from his first position as PM and Cabinet in 2005.

I don’t blame him, he tried to be a great leader with a strong leadership, who we rarely had before him. But also he triggered the change of Japan’s society in the worse way, the great difference between the poor and the rich, by letting his friends act freely. Power corrupts easily during a long-term administration, as we saw in history. I learnt it by deriving knowledge from Chinese history such as “Records of the Grand Historian of China”.