Traffic Accident

Let me report you that I got involved in a traffic accident the other day during my job with guests. I got hit by a car right behind when I was stopped for a red light at a crossing on the way back to Kumamoto. So I had no responsibility for this accident but I was worried about my guests. They said they were not injured at all but they could have had “whiplash injury” later, could be in one or two or three weeks. Actually I have whiplash injury in my neck, shoulders and back at the moment, so I am seeing my doctor regularly. But I am fine, I can walk, I can run, I can lift up heavy stuff. And also I had my car repaired already. In this case, the offender have to pay all the expenses that is required for treatment, repairs and compensation from his/her insurance. In Japan, most of the drivers buy insurance when they get a drivers licence or/and when they buy a car. It happens anywhere and anytime no matter if you don’t want. Make sure to fasten seatbelts always.

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