Fukujuso (福寿草)

One of my favourite flowers “Fukujuso” (“Amur Adonis”) is about to be in full bloom! This flower has really auspicious flower languages, such as “Eternal happiness” and “Bring happiness”. Off I went to “Shirakue-daira” (白崩平) located in the middle of the mountains in Kureko village, one of the five villages, to admire these flowers as a trekking guide for a couple of Japanese guests who are from Kumamoto city.

It took about an hour to get to the destination, the colonies of Fukujuso, from “Kureko Kodai no sato“. They seemed to be almost in full bloom and welcoming us with its beautiful petals shining yellow and light green under the sunshine.

Normally, Fukujuso flowers start coming out in the middle of February and fall in the beginning or middle of March. It’s not a very hard walk to the place, and I have not seen any foreign trekkers in this beautiful trail before. Uh, sorry I am wrong. I saw one who was from a neighbouring town on this day.

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