Mt Shiratori 18 Feb 16

I was invited by Mt Shiratori after some snowfalls in Gokanosho. And enjoyed the atmosphere on the trail, taking photos of beautiful frosticles of branches and ice. I could have stayed here all day long, I had to head back to Yamame-so to get back the car which Mr Kuroki, the owner of Yamame-so, kindly lent me.

And I also found skiers there as the photos, it’s just unbelievable! They brought “short skis” up there to enjoy a road ski and mountain ski according to what they say.

In the evening, I visited Sakura-so on the way back home from Kumamoto city and saw the skiers again. One of them, who is a guide, was kind enough to lend me a pair of “short skis” and offered me to practise until he comes back to Gokanosho again next month. Yeah, I can’t wait the next snowfall!

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