Japan’s borders to open soon

Our government is now considering opening the borders starting in coming June for group tourists to vegin with. And if all goes well, then they will allow indivudual tourists as well.

In my opinion, they have to make a tough dicision this time because of the national election to be held on 10th July. Politicians seem to avoid to talk about this matter for their major voters, the elderly, who hate to let “infected people” into Japan again.

(Of course, we have had those who tested positive to COVID every single day and its number has still been growing domestically, even though we have shut the borders for over 2 years. So, they seem to be barking at the wrong tree.)

In our country, youngsters don’t tend to go for voting but the elderly do. So politicians have no choice but face to them and propose nice and sweet policies for them. However, as other countries start opening their borders to be back to “normal” and stimulate the economy, Japan also needs to follow them to show the world “We are also one of the G7”.

I’ve kept my fingers crossed. Hope to see you soon.