Kagura かぐら

Gokanosho day is fast approaching and the locals are getting well prepared for the day. Dance practices are currently being held every week at one of Gokanosho most beautiful locations, Umenoki Suspension Bridge and Waterfall.

There used to be over 33 different types of Kagura, but now the number is closer to 10. This is due to the fact that not many people are learning the traditional dance anymore.

The truly wonderful thing about Gokanosho’s two Kagura dances (Kanshin かんしん and Okie おきえ) is that they are fun! Kids can really get involved and learn these very special traditional dances. Perhaps the youngest member of the Kagura Dance team is little Bon-Chan at only 18 months old!

Ogata-San and Hashizaki-San (the proud owner of Tourism Gokanosho) have been teaching the dance to a group of local elementary school students, and even more impressive, was the performance by Gokanosho’s elementary students where all seven students danced for the cheerful and energetic crowd at the local sports event or Undokai うんどかい.

The loud thud of the drums rings through my chest while I hear the sweet call of Mr Ogata’s voice urging everyone to join in, “come on it will be fun”, he sings in Japanese. The group of dancers start to thoughtfully place their feet, whilst wielding a Katana かたな in their left hand, and in perfect synchronisation shake the loud bells of the Suzu すず in their right hand. This dance is for the gods, that much is not hard to believe.

You can see the dance performed at Gokanosho Day on the 4th of October 2015.


Lyrics for Kanshin Kagura 監真神楽 歌詞

しゅじゅう なにごとも はじまるときはやがえ

Shujuu nanigotomo hajimaru tokiwa  yagae

このはより かみのや  おことばは やがえ こえてまします

konohayori kamino ya okotobawa yagae koete mashimasu

はやが あれをみる みあげて おがめば かみくだり かみくだり

hayaga arewo miru miagete ogameba kamikudari kamikudairi

しほうの かみも  やがえ こえてまします

shihouno kamimo  yagae koete mashimasu

さ  おもしろや つかもと とりて や さ

sa omoshiroya tsukamoto torite yah sah

さ  おもしろや さ

sa omoshiroya sah

さ  おもしろや まんなかとりて や  さ

sa omoshiroya mannaka torite yah sah

さ  おもしろや さ

sa omoshiroya sah

さ  おもしろや きりさきとりて や  さ

sa omoshiroya kirisaki torite yah  sah

さ  おもしろや さ

sa omoshiroya sah

さ  おもしろや たすきをとりて や  さ

sa omoshiroya tasukiwo torite yah sah

さ  おもしろや さ

sa omoshiroya sah


Lyrics for Okie Kagura 置絵神楽 歌詞

しゅじゅう なにごとも はじまるときは  やがえ

Shujuu nanigotomo hajimaru tokiha yagae

かみのしゅめ こがねのしゅめとは やがえ こえてまします

kamino shume koganenoshume towa yagae koete mashimasu

はやが あれをみる みあげて おがめば かみくだり かみくだり

hayaga arewomiru miagete ogameba kamikudari kamikudari

しほうの かみも  やがえ こえてまします

shihouno kamimo yagae koetemashimasu

おしかえし おしも よし いまはや しゅめりて おさめまします

oshihaeshi oshimo yoshi imahaya shumerite osamemashimasu

みこやに ごへいたまいて われきたよ ごへいの ぬしとは かみぞこそめす

mikoyani goheitamaite warekitayo goheino neshitowa kamizo kosomesu

おおにしく まにこそ かみはまします

oonishiku manikoso kamiwa mashimasu

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