Mountain Trekking

In Gokanosho, we have mountain trails prepared ranging over 160 km in Gokanosho area, thanks to a lot of efforts by locals (including me) and volunteers from outside of Gokanosho. Which mountain(s) would you like to climb, the highest mountain in Kumamoto Pref., or where there are beautiful flowers, or easy ones?

Your guide will take you to the trail head by car, help you find beautiful spots and show you to the top of the mountain. Let’s go for the treks where Heike Samurai clan might have walked to get to Gokanosho to survive. Soak yourself in the mountain forest and bath in the woods to get energy from nature, listening to the sound of air, voice of trees and murmuring of streams. You will be able to wash your mind up away from your work and daily life.

Gokanosho Trek Map

Mountain-climbing boots
Hat / Cap
Long-sleeve shirt
Long trousers

Water bottles


Trail Difficulty level


GALLERY of Gokanosho Mountains