Moritaka Hamono Traditional Knife Shop

Moritaka Hamono is a 700-year-old blade smith, used to make swords for Samurai until the beginning of “Meiji period” (1868 – 1912). After their ancestor made a decision to give upon making Samurai swords for their living, and they have been focused on making kitchen knives since then taking advantage of sword-making skills handed down from generation to generation. Now they are renown for their proud sharp and durable knives worldwide shipping the products to over 60 countries. And most importantly, all of the kitchen knives produced by Moritaka are HAND-MADE. If you would like to buy the knives online, you have to keep your patience for several months until the products delivered to your home. Talking of sharp kitchen knives may remind you of famous European knives which are known to be very expensive, but you will be surprised at looking at the price list, they are all quite reasonable compared to European ones.

But you will be able to buy the knives on site in the shop right next to the workshop, if you can visit here as some of famous French chefs from USA and Europe do. And if you could visit here with me, you will be welcome into the workshop and see their way of working on their making knives. Normally, it’s not permitted for any visitors to get into the workshop, but it’s possible if you join in this tour with me.

How does it sound? But this service will be applied for a small group only, up to 9 people.

Moritaka Hamono