COVID-19 situation in Kumamoto

COVID-19 Situation in Kumamoto & Message to you all

We have had around 500 people confirmed positive for COVID-19 out of 1.76 million inhabitants of Kumamoto Pref.

Restaurants, shops, stores and markets are fully open and people are working as normal back in their workplaces here in Kumamoto as well as all the other Prefectures of Japan, thanks to our custom which is to keep ourselves clean by frequently washing hands, gargling, having a bath nearly every evening, wearing a mask and avoiding to gather in crowds. So, please follow us to keep yourselves and people around you safe.

I’ve been safe and healthy. And I’ve been doing some mountain work and road work in Gokanosho to feed my family. I will make efforts to continue being a professional tour guide and am hoping you will visit Japan when this is all over!

Check out my BLOG if you would like to see if I am alive.

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